Singapore Business Leaders Programme

Leadership from a Globalised Asia

The Singapore Business Leaders Programme (SBLP) is dedicated to deepening the understanding of leadership and human capital issues for a global-Asia. The region has now moved beyond the growth story stage to take on a more critical role in leading global processes and markets. This shift places greater urgency on forging new corporate leadership insights – For, and From Asia

Leveraging the Human Capital Leadership Institute’s open architecture, the SBLP is a platform to connect business leaders with an esteemed group of policymakers, industry champions, and thought leaders to forge new insights into personal and organisational pathways forward.  

Key Benefits

You'll come away from this programme with:

  • The ability to make sense of the unique characteristics of Asia's complex business, political and social environments in the course of your regional business strategy formulation
  • Confidence to identify key success factors in your organisational strategies which will future-proof your organisations in the regional context
  • Access to a group of leaders in government, business and academia who are critical resources for your leadership success in Asia
  • The privilege to be part of HCLI's alumni network of senior leaders across the region and beyond
Programme Experience

SBLP is an exclusive small-group gathering to refresh thinking while connecting with other seasoned leaders.It is about the intersections of ideas and actions that can yield value and bridge the intersections of today and tomorrow.

SBLP Connects People
Networking opportunities are built into the programme for the forging of strong ties and collaboration among the participants, and with the faculty.
Relationship building across industries and geographies will not end with the week. Participants will become part of an exclusive alumni network to continue their learning journey.

SBLP Connects Ideas
Multiple perspectives and trends are distilled with a focus on the business applications of each participant. The outcome of this focus is the alignment at personal, management- team, and organisational levels.
The intersection of leading-edge thinking and action agendas enables businesses and their leaders to tap into opportunities while navigating challenges in a diverse and complex Asia.

Who Should Attend

SBLP 2022 welcomes C-suite business leaders based in Asia with regional /global responsibilities; or based outside of Asia but with responsibility for the region.

Programme Details
30 Oct - 3 Nov 2022
4.5 days
In-person, Residential
SGD 25,000* (SGD 18,750 Early bird offer until 31 Aug 2022)

*Fees include a 4-night stay at Capella Singapore

SBLP Past Speakers

Click here for the full list of speakers over the last 12 runs

"This has been a truly transformative programme. I have undertaken a number of programmes and courses from esteemed companies and institutions over the years, and this is really world-class! The quality of speakers, thoughtfulness of the facilitators and the exacting standards of the organisation really shone through."

Zanna McCormish, Vice President, Strategy Planning & Integrity, BHP
SBLP 2020

"I knew the course would be good because of prior experience with HCLI and also high recommendation. But the 4 days have really far exceeded the expectations. ….. Best leadership course I have attended. Hard to exceed this one."

Cindy Poh, Global Finance Business Partner, DuPont 
SBLP 2020

"The highlight was seeing some of these leaders... Seeing those type of individuals come in and really share their personal experiences for me had probably the most meaning."

Robert Lee, President & CEO, Continental Korea
SBLP 2017

"I do not feel as isolated anymore and I am very much empowered to go forward and to see how I can implement this in my new job within ASEAN."

Michelle Erwee, Executive Director Business Operations NEMEA, Takeda
SBLP 2017

"A lot of the insights and a lot of the coverage in this programme is really focused on growth strategies in the future and how to operate withing the ASEAN environment."

Michelle Ho, Vice President, Strategic Projects, UPS
SBLP 2017

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