Let's Talk Leading Sustainably

Let's Talk Leading Sustainably

A series of 3 conversations around building a culture of sustainability in organisations

By now, most of us know the pressing need for organisations to act decisively for a better, more sustainable world. There are two problems, however, that many of us face. First, we don't have a clear definition of sustainability or a common language to talk about it. Second, we often have a vague idea of what needs to be done, but we don't know where to focus or how to go about implementing ideas. 

This three-part series explores the stories of three organisations, each forging ahead in its quest to be a business that is a force for good. They are committed to achieving commercial success while having a positive impact on the environment and society.  

Each week, selected leaders from one organisation share how they have crafted a sustainability narrative that is authentic for their organisation, building the mindset and capabilities to embed sustainability into their strategic agenda.  They share the leadership challenges they have faced, their views on whether it's possible for organisations to achieve their sustainability aspirations without sacrificing profits, and, their advice for those who are starting this journey.

Who Should Attend

Business Unit Heads and CHROs / CLOs in Asia who want to deepen their understanding of how to build capability to lead in ways that ensure they thrive for the long term.

Join a group of like-minded leaders to learn from our panel of experts and to share your own experiences. 

Seats are limited to facilitate in-depth conversations. Register early to reserve your place.

Session 3 | 8 Oct | Sustainability Leadership for Tomorrow

9.30 - 11 AM | 8 Oct: Sustainability Leadership for Tomorrow

Our third (and final) dialogue focuses on the ‘why’ of sustainable business and shares practical lessons from leaders who have been instrumental in embedding sustainability into the strategic agenda of their organisations . Join Deborah Ho, Country Head Singapore and Head southeast Asia, Blackrock, Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer, City Developments Limited (CDL) and Pamela Mar, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain Futures, Fung Group to learn more about the drivers of sustainable and responsible business and the expectations investors have of leaders in driving this agenda. Hear more about what has helped in driving the sustainability agenda and the organisational capability they are developing in order to help their organisations thrive in the longer term.

Dialogue 3 Panellists

Past Sessions

9 - 10.30 AM | 24 Sep | Sustainability - Whose Job is it Anyway?

Every journey towards sustainability has a different starting point.  At Patagonia and Interface sustainability is at the core of their origin story, while at Unilever and Danone the drive and passion of the CEO has catalysed the journey.  In this dialogue, Andrew Buay, Head of Sustainability at Singtel shares his view that the journey towards building a better business can begin anywhere.  

At Singtel the sustainability agenda gathered momentum by harnessing pockets of the business that were curious about how to create compelling competitive sustainable edge through innovation and by harnessing employee passion to make a difference.  

Join Andrew and leaders from across the Singtel business to hear how a top down approach isn’t always the starting point.  Learn how a multi-pronged “middle out” and “bottom up” approach can provide important proof points for the broader organisation demonstrating how leading for sustainability can help build a stronger business and a more inspired workforce. 

Singtel Panellists

 9 - 10.30 AM | 30 Sep: Bringing Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan to Life

Ten years ago, Unilever launched its Sustainable Living Plan, a blueprint for achieving their vision to grow the business, whilst decoupling their environmental footprint from growth and increasing positive social impact.  

A decade later Unilever is consistently recognised for generating long-term value for the multiple stakeholders they serve. Under Alan Jope’s leadership, Unilever is stepping up to ensure that sustainability is completely integrated as part of the business and delivers positive business impact. A key part of their journey has been setting public, measurable targets and holding people accountable to deliver these while also building a culture of engagement, alignment and champions across the business. 

In this session, Dave Ingram (Chief Procurement Officer), Deepak Subramanian (Vice-President Homecare, SEAA & Global Head, Fabric Sensations Category) and Amita Chaudhury (former Director SEAA Sustainability for Unilever and currently seconded to UN Global Compact on Sustainability learning for Business), share how sustainability in Unilever is about unequivocal commitment to a multi-stakeholder model of doing business.

Unilever Panellists


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