HCLI Sensemakers Series

Moving Forward with Optimism: A Session with Kevin Sneader

Senior leadership involves an ongoing process of distinguishing meaningful signals from the ever-increasing cacophony of information. In order to make the best decisions - particularly in such times of uncertainty - reading through the proverbial tea leaves has never been more important. These signals reveal emergent patterns that will shape business contexts essential to help better inform decisions. HCLI’s SenseMakers Series (SMS) invites distinguished global thinkers to share their points of view on these key signals, the patterns they see, and how this affects business.

In our second SenseMaker Series session, we speak with Kevin Sneader as he shares with us his thoughts on leadership, why he's optimistic about the future of business and his view of Asia's role in the global landscape.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, 18 November 2021
Time: 10 - 11 am
Format: Online meeting

This event is by-invitation-only. Please do ensure that your name on the Zoom account you're dialling in with reflects the name on your invitation.


About Kevin Sneader

Kevin Sneader was recently appointed Co-President of Asia Pacific Ex-Japan at Goldman Sachs.

Prior to this, he spent 32 years at McKinsey & Company, joining in London in 1989. He then worked in Asia before moving to the US in 1999.  He later became managing partner of McKinsey's practice in the UK and Ireland, and was appointed as the chairman of its Asian offices from 2014 to 2018, before being named global managing partner. 

Kevin earned a law degree from the University of Glasgow and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

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