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Is Talent Really On Your Board's Agenda?
Executive Summary

Talent is a key differentiator of corporate performance - Boards must manage and monitor the risks it poses. Leading companies recognise that talent, more so than capital or technology, is an invaluable and scarce resource, presenting one of the greatest barriers to growth particularly in fast-growing markets such as Asia.

Programme Details

Boards of top-performing companies look well beyond traditional talent discussions (CEO succession and executive compensation). They treat talent measurement similar to financial metrics - by requiring robust analytics and clear links to business value. They understand which talent segments are critical for business success and require greater assurance around talent-related threats to performance. They differ from competitors' Boards based on their deeper understanding of critical talent issues that impact strategy and performance.

Facilitated by Peter Cappelli and complemented by eminent Asian corporate leaders, the session covered the following topics:

  • The Board's role in talent oversight - what and how to ask the right talent questions
  • The financial case for strategic and efficient cultivation of talent on a large scale for companies operating in high-growth markets
  • Fast ramp-up and acquisition of top management talent in high-growth environments
  • Talent lessons from China, from latest research findings
  • Case study: Asia develops talent for global markets
Your Facilitator
Peter Cappelli
Peter Cappelli

Peter Cappelli is the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and Director of Wharton's Human Resources Center. He has been a Distinguished Scholar of the Ministry of Manpower for Singapore since 2007 and serves on the Chief Human Resource Officers Board Academy, which advises on corporate board governance issues. He serves on Global Agenda Council for the World Economic Forum and a number of advisory boards. He has been a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution, a German Marshall Fund Fellow, faculty at MIT, University of Illinois and University of California at Berkeley. He was recently named by HR Magazine as one of the top 5 most influential management thinkers.

His key publications include Talent Management: Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty, The India Way: How India's Top Business Leaders are Revolutionizing Management (co-author) based on interviews with CEOs of India's 100 largest companies, and a companion study - The Tao of China, based on equivalent Chinese leaders.

Attendees Included
  • Board Chairs and Non-Executive Directors of publicly listed, private and non-profit corporations
  • Government agency representatives
  • Social enterprise representatives


When & Where
27 Mar 2015
1 day
Quarterly series

"I find this series very practical and extremely beneficial and would highly recommend more Board Directors and senior executives to attend this series to facilitate mutual understanding of perspectives between Board and management."

Alvin Tan, Trustee, Singapore Institute of Technology

"Talent is an important topic to get into the Board agenda - nothing more important than having the right leaders in the right jobs at the right time."

Chng Sok Hui, Board Member, Housing & Development Board

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