DID-The New Age Board: Turning Uncertainty into Breakthrough Opportunities


The New Age Board: Turning Uncertainty into Breakthrough Opportunities
Executive Summary

Several unstoppable external forces are transforming nations, industries, and corporations. For legacy companies, these forces are disruptive, if not destructive. Such was the case for Nokia, Blackberry, Kodak, book retailers like Borders and Barnes & Noble, and newspapers - the CEOs of these companies failed miserably, and their Boards did not fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Programme Details

Globally, Boards are being held accountable through a number of market forces: activist shareholders with aggressive campaigns and large hyper-active institutional investors. They want a peek at the workings of the Board and will hold Boards accountable for company performance. Boards must assume a leadership role, along with their governance and fiduciary responsibilities.

Based on his latest book The Attacker's Advantage, this highly interactive session will be facilitated by eminent global thought leader - Ram Charan. Ram will partner with eminent Asian practitioners to address these topics:

  • Building blocks of high-performing Boards
  • Emerging new relationships between Boards, large institutional investors and CEOs
  • Phenomenon of structural uncertainty
  • Building the Board's perceptual acuity
  • The mathematical corporation
  • Engaging in new strategic options
  • Participating in the transition to the new path
Your Facilitator
Ram Charan
Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a highly and globally acclaimed business advisor, speaker and author who has coached some of the most successful business leaders and Boards at companies such as GE, Bank of America, Novartis, and 3M.

He has authored 16 books including four on corporate governance, the most recent being Boards That Lead, co-authored with Dennis Carey and Michael Useem. He has facilitated Board strategy retreats, conducted Board self-evaluations, and advised on Board succession planning and dysfunction. He is currently on the advisory board for Hindalco, India.

Says ex-Chairman of GE Jack Welch - "Ram has the rare ability to distill meaningful from meaningless and transfer it into a quiet, effective way without destroying confidences".

Attendees Included
  • Board Chairs and Non-Executive Directors of publicly listed, private and non-profit corporations
  • Government agency representatives
  • Social enterprise representatives


When & Where
27 Aug 2015
1 day
Quarterly series

"Top class speaker with great knowledge and experience with good mix of participants made for engaging and useful discussion."

Gautam Banerjee, Chairman, Blackstone Singapore

"A good illustration of challenges facing Boards, especially given the developments in the USA, with the greater role played by activist shareholders. Useful pointers on how Boards can transform themselves to be more effective."

Manohar Khiatani, Independent Director, SIA Engineering Company Limited

"I found the session enlightening, thought-provoking and engaging. I walked away with several pages of notes as well as several specific follow-ups. The programme, the examples, the discussions and the logistics – all were superb. Based on discussions with other participants, I am not alone in these views."

Nels Radley Friets, Director, Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd

"This event was attended by an impressive group of Chairmen, Board Directors and CEOs. The insights and deep knowledge displayed by the moderator and participants were remarkable and highly relevant...[and] provided an excellent opportunity to build relations and network with such a distinguished group of international business leaders."

Göran Seifert, Managing Director, Anda Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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