Co-creating With HCLI Is Simple


Discovery Call

A no-pressure conversation about the vision of your learning and development intervention, understanding your needs and timeline, and defining the next steps.


Get Help Making Design Choices

With collective experience of designing well over 100 programmes, our team will guide you through important design decisions, help you unpack your options and address how they affect the programme.


Delivering Your Winning Solution

Every solution is a journey, and we’ll walk with you, adjusting and refining the solution as the context and situation calls for.

HCLI Advantage

Delivering higher returns on your human capital investment

Customised Programmes

We understand that no two organisations are alike; that yours will be at a unique stage in the leadership development journey. That's why we work hand-in-hand with you as a strategic partner and advisor. It's a thoroughly collaborative process that weaves a tailored solution seamlessly into your larger organisational learning structure. 

You can be sure of a programme ideally suited to your organisation's needs, thanks to a customisation methodology, which comprises:

  • Discovery: where we meet your key stakeholders to define your unique business challenges and requirements
  • Exploration: to build out the programme framework 
  • Consolidation: where we reiterate and refine your programme prior to deployment
  • Implementation: your leaders begin their customised programme, with us by their side every step of the way

In short, we take care of everything, right down to the logistics of conducting and hosting your programme.

Customised Programmes Form

Customised Programmes
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