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Leverage Asian Perspectives
Programmes should fit your unique needs, so we take extra care to deliver global perspectives with an Asia focus in our solutions, to provide the most relevant learning opportunities for you and your teams.
Get Access To The Best of Leaders
Have peace of mind knowing that our speakers are best-in-class leaders, from business, government and academia, sharing insights and stories of navigating our diverse and complex Asia
Gain Long Term Advantages that Last
Leadership capabilities should endure the test of time. We introduce fresh mindsets and frameworks in our solutions, providing adaptive capacities that continue to drive growth even after our programmes.

Our Custom Work

Programme Stories


To equip local candidates for positions in overseas subsidiary companies with the knowledge to lead locally, understand the local market needs, requirements, and business opportunities, respond and make decisions swiftly to better grow the organisation globally.


A week-long milestone global leadership programme for senior executives across markets and sectors that features foresight activities, leadership assessments, expert sharing, firm-based case work, coaching, senior leader and cross-industry leader dialogues.




To help make the most of the many opportunities in vibrant Asia markets, Smiths Group identified a need to further enhance their local country and regional leaders to enable them to build stronger, more agile, growth-focused teams.


A modular, blended approach, featuring online and face-to-face modules, including leadership assessments, coaching, team building and cultural immersion activities, designed collaboratively with the Smiths team.


Smiths Group


With the stiff and rising global competition facing Singapore’s semiconductor industry, there is an urgent need to accelerate the growth of a sustainable pool of talents and future leaders who can strengthen industry competitiveness and lead through innovations in productivity, energy efficiency and enhanced partnerships.


A modular approach, bringing together participants from across the semiconductor value chain, to gain and share industry trends and insights from experts and one another, develop leadership strengths, and embark on an action learning journey to tackle real problems in the workplace.



Our Ecosystem

Multiple Voices

HCLI brings together Asia’s best minds in business, government and academia to share insights and identify key trends of doing business in the Pan-Asian region.

Asian Perspectives

By distilling multiple perspectives, HCLI is able to help organisations and their leaders as they navigate the challenges and take advantage of opportunities that exist in a diverse and complex Asia.

Meaningful Connections

HCLI helps organisations and leaders to make powerful connections and establish multiple networks within Asia through its premier events and programmes.


Co-creating With HCLI Is Simple


Discovery Call

A no-pressure conversation about the vision of your learning and development intervention, understanding your needs and timeline, and defining the next steps.


Get Help Making Design Choices

With collective experience of designing well over 100 programmes, our team will guide you through important design decisions, help you unpack your options and address how they affect the programme.


Delivering Your Winning Solution

Every solution is a journey, and we’ll walk with you, adjusting and refining the solution as the context and situation calls for.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI) on our Global Advanced Programme for Leadership Development since 2012. HCLI understood our leaders’ development needs and the team is able to deliver effective interventions that served our organisation’s goals and objectives. We would commemorate HCLI for their ability to curate & design programmes with topic relevancy, bringing best in-class practitioners/speakers from across public and private sectors, weaving together a practical and impactful learning solution for our global leaders.”

Noriyuki Sagawa General Manager
Hitachi Academy

“I found this training to be very insightful. The programme content was practical, useful, and challenging. The material was delivered with an extraordinary high level of passion & enthusiasm. It was a highly valuable investment of my time. I am happy to be part of this programme.”

Participant of Global Advanced Programme for Leadership Development Nov 2019 Managing Director
Hitachi Metals

“It has been a great partnership with HCLI as they understand our needs to deliver an effective intervention that has served our organisation’s goals and objectives. Over the years, their program has uniquely combined new areas of value for our members that can meet current needs but also grow into the years to come. I would highly recommend HCLI for their ability to bring together best in-class practitioners/speakers from across public and private sectors, weaving together a practical and impactful learning solution for our members.”

Ang Wee Seng Executive Director
Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA)

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