Asia is the fastest growing economic region in the world; and expected to lead a new economic and political era as the world’s “New Majority” (McKinsey Global Institute, September 2023). That is, Asia is accounting for a larger share of the global pie, especially with respects to growth in GDP, trade, manufacturing, patents, technology revenue, the middle class, energy consumption, clean energy investments, and foreign direct investments.

This growth, however, comes with a set of challenges. For example, while a globalised Asia can become the hub of world trade, this trade centrality can also increase geopolitical tensions in the region. While a fast-growing middle class fuels economic consumption in Asia, Asia also faces the economic challenge of a fast aging population. While Asia is the manufacturing engine for the world, it needs to learn how to become the tech innovation platform for the world. Finally, while Asia leads in making new investments in clean energy, it is also the largest consumer of energy.

At the Asia Board Leadership Summit, board leaders from a variety of industries meet to exchange ideas to develop fresh perspectives of these challenges in Asia. More than ever before, boards need to address the complexities that come with the new opportunities of this new era in Asia. This new era presents boards with the opportunity to leverage Asia as the hub of global trade, a fast-growing middle class, manufacturing engine for the world, and clean technology. At the same time, boards in Asia face the pressures of geopolitical tensions, a fast-aging population, relative inexperience with technological innovation, and unrelentless energy consumption.

Who Should Attend?

Board Chairs, Board Committee Chairs, Independent Directors, Executive and Non-Executive Directors and CEOs of listed and private corporations including family-owned businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations 

Key Benefits

The Asia Board Leadership Summit was established with the aim of improving board leadership practices in Asia that focus on long-term value creation and sustainable growth – for the good of the firm, shareholders, stakeholders, and society at large. Hosted by the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), the summit brings together board leaders from across Asia to inspire discussion and lead collaboration in the face of the new opportunities, challenges, and risks arising from this new era in Asia.

Curriculum, Approach & Key Themes

The curriculum is built around the most significant macro developments brought about by the growth of Asia. It addresses critical board leadership and governance issues through a combination of keynotes, presentations, panel discussions, analysis of case studies developed based on real life events faced by corporations in Asia, as well as experiential learning through role play and simulation. The summit is facilitated by teaching teams comprising academic and board leaders, is highly interactive, and peer-to-peer learning oriented in its format. The coming summit in Singapore will address four major themes - Boardroom Challenges for the New Era in Asia: Geopolitics and Non-market Strategies; Boardroom Diversity for the New Era in Asia: Value Creation Strategies and New Business Models; Asia as the Technology Platform for the World: Innovation, Cyber Risk, and Resilience; and Asia as the Global Leader in Resource and Energy Systems: Sustainability and Climate Change.
Asia Board Leadership Summit

2 days (In-person)

30 - 31 January 2024


SGD 5,900 per participant (subject to GST)

The programme fee includes:

  • Daily coffee breaks and lunch
  • Hosted dinners during the programme

For further clarifications, please contact audreylim@hcli.org 


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