Managing Burn-out Amongst Managers

Managers set the mood for the team and drive effectiveness. But what happens when managers themselves feel burned out?
In this insightful article, Rebecca Zucker shares some helpful tips on how to manage burn-out among managers:
1️⃣ Acknowledge Burnout: Open the door for addressing this challenge head-on.
2️⃣ Foster Personal Connections: Build avenues for personal connection, both in-person and virtually, to combat the isolation burnout often brings.
3️⃣ Reassess and Prioritize: Dive into an audit of your managers’ tasks, then refocus and redistribute workloads to hone in on vital priorities.
4️⃣ Adapt Team Agreements: Collaboratively revise agreements on how your team functions and establish boundaries and norms for a healthier work dynamic.
5️⃣ Regular Check-Ins: Maintain one-on-one touchpoints, especially with those exhibiting signs of burnout.
6️⃣ Unplug and Recharge: Encourage your managers to take their well-deserved vacations.

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