Young Asian leaders honing their skills in this specialised programme with the Darden School of Business

Young Leaders Programme


In response to current and unprecedented disruptions to business practices, the HCLI has accelerated the timeline for a planned overall refresh in the content and processes of its programming. Changes have been made in the context of limitations in group gatherings and with an eye to increasing overall impact of the programme experience. For more details on the changes to the programme, please contact us at

YLP 2020 is at the forefront of these changes as they also speak to generational differences in learning styles. We have maintained YLP's core elements while adding new areas of value that can meet current needs but also grow into the years to come. We truly believe that YLP participants are the leaders of tomorrow.​

The Young Leaders Programme (YLP) helps address specific leadership challenges of learning and leading simultaneously. A primary objective of this program is to help you develop the frameworks and skills needed to enhance your ability to learn from experience. We seek to equip participants with the skills required to drive high performance and business results and eventually lead others. We also want participants to acquire a resilient and tenacious mindset to lead and excel. The YLP is suitable for first-time managers and those who are about to lead teams. You may have just received a promotion or are currently experiencing new pressures within a management role. 

Key Benefits

You'll come away from this programme with:

  • Increased self-awareness through a solid understanding of leadership style, strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to influence and communicate to make an impression with various stakeholders
  • Tools to heighten team performance during times of dilemma and challenge
  • A leadership brand to create a lasting impact
Programme Experience

YLP brings you on a blended learning journey that begins with virtual sessions, transitions into face-to-face meetings and features the development of your own unique 'case-in-point' and personal action plans to address challenges you are currently facing.

  • Understand my style and personality to create an enduring personal leadership brand
  • Unpack authentic leadership (Mindsets, Values and Key Transitions of a New Leader) 
  • Build sustainable relationships across the organisation 
  • Learn to read others accurately through increased awareness of others and interpersonal savvy 
  • Gain influencing techniques and tactics to improve your organisational effectiveness  
  • Learn how effective communication can enable you to build relationships
  • Leverage the strengths of working in and leading a high-performance team
Who Should Attend

First-time or newly appointed high-potential managers

Programme Details
M1: 6 - 22 Apr 2021 | M2: 18 - 20 May 2021
M1: 1 in-person + 5 virtual sessions | M2: 2-day in-person meeting
Two Modules
SGD 8,000**

*Programme pre-work and onboarding begins on 22 Mar 2021
**Group rates available. Contact us to find out more.

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