HR Leaders Programme

HR Leaders Programme

Developing future-ready HR Leaders in Asia, for Asia

Do you have the potential to lead HR in your organisation? The HR Leaders Programme (HRLP) is designed to prepare top HR leaders for the responsibility to influence strategy, drive transformation and impact the success of their organisation. With the polarising shifts in the worlds of economics and politics, we take a dive into the implications these present for organisations and their talent - and HR's role in managing the change and transformations required for their organisations.

Key Benefits

You'll come away from this programme with:

  • A strategic foundation to drive sustainable growth throughout your organisation, with the agility to adapt for today and innovate for tomorrow
  • Out-of-the-box thinking that extends beyond HR to business issues, explore polarity thinking and see how it can help you achieve sustainable positive outcomes
  • An understanding of the complexities between world issues and business impact and what the new world of work means for your organisation
  • Insights into impact of disruption on business, what this means for people strategies and how you can be empowered to build out the future workforce of tomorrow


Programme Experience

Uncover unique opportunities to dialogue with global HR thought-leaders and C-suite leaders from across the region.

Over the course of the programme, engage in dialogue with global thought leaders, C-suite business leaders and policymakers as they share insights and experiences on the drivers for success at the CHRO level, ensuring real-world learnings that you can put into practice in your organisation. 

The programme brings you on a blended learning journey that encompasses both face-to-face meetings and virtual sessions. In the course of the programme, you will develop your own unique 'case-in-point' to address the challenges you are currently facing.

You will be immersed in experiential learning opportunities while developing pillars of support with a network of your peers from a cross-section of industries and organisations.

This course has been accredited by the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) and mapped to the HR Mindsets and Behaviours at the IHRP-Senior Professional Certification level. For more information on IHRP and IHRP Certification, visit​​​

Programme Introduction
Who Should Attend
  • Senior HR leaders with 15–20 years of collective experience in business and/or HR roles
  • Expert leaders in respective HR verticals with regional responsibilities
  • Future successors to regional HR leadership roles
Programme Details
M1A: 29 - 30 Nov 2021 | M1B: 8 Dec 2021 | M1C: 15 Dec 2021 | M2: 10 - 11 Jan 2022
M1: 2-day in person meeting + 2 Virtual Sessions | M2: 2-day in person meeting
Two Modules
SGD 12,500**

*Programme pre-work and onboarding begins on 14 Nov 2021
**Subsidy of programme fee for Singapore citizens is available on a limited basis. Contact us to find out more.

It was a fruitful and meaningful experience. The hybrid approach of virtual and in-person sessions balanced both flexibility and face-to-face interaction. I've made many friends and extended my network to learn from each other even after the programme.

The content was also thoughtfully curated and useful frameworks were introduced. It stretched me to think about topics that had not crossed my mind and added to my repertoire of tools that I can apply to my work.

Leonard Goh
HR Director, Workforce Intelligence
Oracle JAPAC

HRLP 2020

Adapting to #newnormal #digitalage will require organisations - and not just employees to equip themselves with new capabilities. HCLI HR Leaders Programme (HRLP) provides the platform for seasoned HR leaders and professionals to unpack the science of weaving corporate strategy with operational effectiveness in the context of continual change.  I would strongly recommend to any business and HR leaders who carry the mandate to lead their organisation into uncharted territory of #futureofwork

Ronnie Tan
Head of People & Business Partner​

HRLP 2020

It was a truly enriching experience, where we immerse ourselves with creative juices from business and HR experts all around the world. Most importantly, it allows us as senior practitioners to dive deep into real people and organisational challenges from an Asian leadership lens that is lacking in many other programmes.

John Lim
Head, Organisational Development

HRLP 2020

My experience with the HRLP has been outstanding. Thanks to the programme I’m now more receptive to feedback as a leader, and that I do approach work differently. When I talk to people I question things a lot more and listen a lot harder. I’m more aware of the different assumptions people are making and am aware of framing conversations and seeing things from different angles. It was a very exciting learning experience.

Thomas Wai
Chief People Officer
National Gallery Singapore

HRLP 2020

I am very grateful to have attended  HRLP 2020 and have benefitted from it greatly. The programme provided me valuable insights and prepared me better for the next phase of my HR journey.  The participants were candid and free to share our experiences and thoughts freely on HRLP and the richness of such sharing, coupled with the depth of expertise from the various module professors/academia and presenters, panel speakers from various industries and reputable HR Professionals greatly stretched our learning to the fullest.

Irene Tan
Vice-President, Human Resource

HRLP 2020

We rightly focus so much of our time and energy on looking after the business, sometimes we neglect our own function and ourselves. HCLI, through programmes like HRLP, help us address this, building our capabilities with professional self development anchored in our external reality.

Jin Tan
HR Director
Heineken Asia Pacific

HRLP 2020

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