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Mapping the Future with Kiril Sokoloff

Senior leadership involves an ongoing process of distinguishing meaningful signals from the ever-increasing cacophony of information. In order to make the best decisions - particularly in such times of uncertainty - reading through the proverbial tea leaves has never been more important. These signals reveal emergent patterns that will shape business contexts essential to help better inform decisions. HCLI’s SenseMakers Series (SMS) invites distinguished global thinkers to share their points of view on these key signals, the patterns they see, and how this affects business.

In this inaugural session, “Mapping the Future with Kiril Sokoloff”, we speak with Kiril about his thoughts about where the future of business is heading, what his process is when it comes to strategising for the future and how you can be a better executive by becoming a better thinker.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, 7 July 2021
Time: 10 - 11 am
Format: Online meeting

This event is by-invitation-only. Please do ensure that your name on the Zoom account you're dialling in with reflects your name. 


Thank you for your interest in our event. Registration is closed as the event is now over. Please stay tuned for the next edition.

About Kiril Sokoloff

For decades, Kiril Sokoloff has been an active yet very low-profile global investment strategist, thought leader and visionary. He made his name calling the big shifts in the world, foreseeing many key trends over the last 40 years that shaped investment performance and business opportunities. 

He founded 13D Global Strategy & Research in 1983 and starting in 2001, Sokoloff began to write his weekly financial newsletter, What I Learned This Week. The newsletter has a worldwide following of institutional investors, political leaders, and company executives.

Howard Marks, Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital wrote that “Many professional investors include What I Learned This Week from 13D Research among their highest-priority reading. Its discussions are big-picture and almost academic, but Kiril Sokoloff seems more likely than most to cover the big market-movers of tomorrow.”

Sokoloff is also prized for his devoted study of the human spirit and is committed to helping the business and investment community recognize the importance of trust, integrity and compassion.

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