Alumni Masterclass Series


HCLI Alumni Masterclass Series

This series has been curated to provide valuable insights and best practices for our alumni in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

With the increasing complexity of the global economy, it's more important than ever for leaders to stay ahead of the curve and be equipped with the tools they need to lead their teams effectively. Each session in the series features expert speakers from diverse industries who will share their experiences and perspectives on the challenges faced by leaders today, as well as provide practical solutions for overcoming them.

Upcoming Session

18 May | 4 - 5 PM | Cross-border Remote Work: A Net Gain or Net Loss for Singapore 
Speaker: Tay Wan Ying, PhD, Head of Research, HCLI

As the world becomes increasingly connected, remote work that extends beyond borders is becoming a reality for more and more people, including those who are based in Asia.

In this session on cross-border remote work, delivered by HCLI’s head of research, Dr Tay Wan Ying, we'll explore challenges faced by Asians in accepting overseas postings, good practices to overcome them, new approaches and technological applications to facilitate remote work, and the regulatory and policy structure issues impacting organisational and environmental readiness for cross-border remote work.

Join us as we discuss the changing landscape of global talent management in the context of cross-border remote work.

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Tay Wan Ying, PhD

Wan Ying is Vice President and Head of Research at the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI). 

Wan Ying’s interest in human capital leadership research flourished when she was conducting her doctoral studies on online-based professional groups. Drawing on the literature on learning theories, leadership and management studies, she applied the concept of paradoxical tension to study how individuals and groups manage conflicts, and by doing so, learn, unlearn and relearn. Subsequently, she applied the concept to enhance the instructional design and curriculum development for classroom settings and learning management systems. More recently, Wan Ying has drawn on data analytics to gain insights on job hiring trends in Asia and corporate social responsibility in companies in Singapore. 

Beginning her career as a public servant, Wan Ying initiated and led a number of technology-facilitated initiatives to enhance learning to various groups of stakeholders. Her various postings allowed her to gain experience in policy work and strategic planning. Trained in both qualitative and quantitative methods, Wan Ying believes in adopting a data-driven approach towards research and programme evaluation. 

Graduated from the University of Oxford with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education, Wan Ying is passionate about nurturing young leaders and contributing to research on human capital and management studies. 

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