Published 1st September 2017

Welcome to HQ Asia’s new home! I hope you will take some time to explore the fresh site, our articles, and our offerings.

A little over three years ago, I moved to Singapore from the US. In the run-up to the move, I spent a lot of time donating or disposing of most of what I owned. I knew that when I arrived in Singapore, I wanted to begin with a clean slate, which for me meant arriving with just a few possessions. I also wanted to see what I could live without. Now when I look back, this was the best approach I could have taken. It gave me the chance to really explore and settle into life in Singapore, and to not be too attached to ‘home’ and the things that I owned. While preparing for the new HQ Asia, we went through the same process of looking at our content and exploring what we wanted this refreshed site to offer to our readers.

We are really excited to share new content and topics with you. Going forward, articles will be focused on one of four themes: The Asian Century, The Asian C-Suite, New Gen HR, and Future of Work. With these, we are able to offer a true insights hub--a place to find solutions and ideas-- to you. We will cover topics like the resurgence of Asia, leadership for and from Asia, megatrends, responsible leadership, strategic HR, and AI, among others.

This month, we will be asking questions like:

  • How does voicing opinions change in a world where there is a lack of trust?
  • How are leaders impacted by the fractures in our world?
  • How will digital disrupt HR?

To answer these questions, we will have contributions and articles from partners; interviews with leaders from UOB, Medtronic, and Shopee; and insights on topics like career inflection points and how the gig economy is evolving industries like consulting.

I am always keen to hear your thoughts, to chat, or to listen. Please email me at Until then, happy exploring!

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