Published 1st November 2017

What has surprised you in your life?

One surprise for me was that I always thought I would have a long career as a teacher. I spent years preparing and in school, completed hundreds of observation hours, and then spent half a year student-teaching and being assessed. I never questioned myself or considered a backup – I thought I knew what I wanted.

Fast forward to five years into my teaching career, and I was surprised that I felt ready to move onto a new role. It didn’t occur to me that I would ever want to spend time doing anything but teaching, which now sounds silly. I was lucky to find my way to HCLI and HQ Asia; I have found a different means of sharing insights – through articles and interviews on talent development and leadership journeys.

This month, on HQ Asia, we will be questioning “answers” and commonly held beliefs about work. We will look at traditional models of success—climbing the corporate ladder, landing the corner office—and question if there is another avenue to fulfilment. We will ask if stewardship is the answer rather than focusing on profit-driven business. We will look at the traditional mode of working, and also whether top-down leadership is the most effective.

For example, are traditional office spaces still relevant and necessary? Or does it feel more like Office Space where co-workers grind each other’s nerves and there is a daily fight with the printer. How would we feel if we have more control over how we work?

HCLI recently relocated into a co-working space, and we are experiencing the effects of hot-desking and being part of a larger community. Fresh perspectives (and seats) inspire creativity and divergent thinking. As work continues to evolve, flexibility will be increasingly important.

We are really excited to explore November’s theme, and to share this month’s articles and interviews with you. Keep a lookout for the articles and be sure to bookmark the new HQ Asia site. Please reach out – whether you have a comment, an idea for a contribution, or just want to chat. Email me– I look forward to hearing from you!

- Sara

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