Leadership intelligence for Asia, from Asia

Leadership Intelligence For Asia, From Asia

HCLI aims to distill and disseminate the best ideas on human capital and leadership in Asia. In partnership with industry, academia, and consulting firms, combining business relevance with rigour, HCLI drives pan-Asian research, leading to the development of cutting-edge human capital solutions.

For Asia, From Asia
With Asia being the fastest growing region in the world, there is a real need for culturally-relevant people practices to sustain and fuel this growth.

Rigour and Relevance
Our goal is to drive research that has both scientific rigor and industry relevance.

Collaborative Connections
We are proponents of collaborative research – no one research institute will be able to solve the complex human capital challenges of Asia.

Our Research Areas

Our research delivers practical, actionable insights you can use, because we delve deeply into the key issues affecting your organisation. These include:

Building A Global Leadership Pipeline In Asia

  • How do we build “Leaders Across Borders” in Asia?
  • What are the Asian ways of leadership?
  • Why do some cultures produce more global talent than others?

Managing Diversity

  • How should companies manage and leverage their diverse workforce, especially in a multi-generational context?
  • How can companies promote gender diversity in their leadership pipeline, up to board level?
  • How can we overcome unconscious biases?

Setting HR Up For The Next Leap

  • What are the new-gen HR practices?
  • How can they be implemented for maximum effect?
  • How can Singapore's HR professionals grow towards maturity?

Leading In Divisive Times

  • What must Business and its leaders do to thrive in a fractured world?
  • How does paradoxical leadership help?
  • Do leaders need to rediscover heart and humility?

Thought Leadership For Asia, From Asia

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