About HCLI

The Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI) is a renowned centre of excellence in Asia, dedicated to accelerating leadership and strategic human capital management capabilities.

Through Asia-specific research and insights, industry-relevant executive development programmes, and fostering networks between thought leaders in business, government, and academia, HCLI aims to cultivate global leaders with a deep understanding of leading in Asia and develop leaders with the ability to lead on a global stage.

Our Strengths

HCLI is a boutique leadership institute that is unique in a number of ways. We address the gap in the market for an Asia-focused leadership centre that offers programmes and research that are contextualised for Asia. We bring the best speakers in the world to our programmes, and not just from one institute. We bring leaders to teach at our programmes to ensure a heavy emphasis on practical learning. These are the HCLI advantages.

Asia Focus

Asia plays an essential role in the global economy. Global business executives need to understand Asia, and that’s where HCLI comes in with the insights, knowledge, and network of this region.

Leading in Asia requires a nuanced understanding of the region’s diverse economies, cultures, and business practices. HCLI’s insights, knowledge, and network are an invaluable resource for any business executive looking to tap into Asia’s vast potential, helping organisations and leaders develop the mindsets required to leverage the unique challenges and opportunities of the region.

Practitioner Focus

We believe that leaders learn from other leaders and that a more practical approach is important. To this end, our programmes are designed and delivered in partnership with top business practitioners.

Imagine the opportunity to learn from the very best in the industry, individuals who have been there, done that, and achieved great success. This approach truly inspires and empowers leaders to reach new heights. It’s not just about theoretical concepts but about learning from practical, real-world experiences that can help leaders to be the best versions of themselves.

Best-in-Class Speakers

We believe in delivering the most relevant insights to meet client needs by providing access to best-in-class faculty and speakers from Asia and beyond.

We are committed to providing our participants with the most relevant insights possible, by engaging experts who have a deep understanding of the business landscape and cultural nuances of Asia. We work with renowned academics, practitioners and thought-leaders, who bring their wealth of experience and knowledge to our programmes. By partnering with these experts, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

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