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Adapting to the #newnormal #digitalage will require organisations - and not just employees to equip themselves with new capabilities. HCLI HR Leaders Programme (HRLP) provides the platform for seasoned HR leaders and professionals to unpack the science of weaving corporate strategy with operational effectiveness in the context of continual change. I would strongly recommend to any business and HR leaders who carry the mandate to lead their organisation into uncharted territory of #futureofwork
I am very grateful to have attended HRLP 2020 and have benefitted from it greatly. The programme provided me valuable insights and prepared me better for the next phase of my HR journey. The participants were candid and free to share our experiences and thoughts freely on HRLP and the richness of such sharing, coupled with the depth of expertise from the various module professors/academia and presenters, panel speakers from various industries and reputable HR Professionals greatly stretched our learning to the fullest.
I am really glad that I took the time off to attend this programme. This might be the best programme that I have attended so far. I speak genuinely from the heart. I think the way the whole programme has been organised, the kind of speakers that we saw, and the themes are just so overwhelming. Best of all, I got to meet many talented and like-minded individuals from all over the world. These will become my new friends.
It was a fruitful and meaningful experience. The hybrid approach of virtual and in-person sessions balanced both flexibility and face-to-face interaction. I’ve made many friends and extended my network to learn from each other even after the programme.​ ​ The content was also thoughtfully curated and useful frameworks were introduced. It stretched me to think about topics that had not crossed my mind and added to my repertoire of tools that I can apply to my work.
I enjoyed how this program enabled me to learn from other participants in a high trust environment. The program is well curated and very relevant. There was a good mix of learning concepts and theories as well as learning from other leaders' life lessons. The opportunity to present and interact with CEOs was excellent. The facilitators were very strong and I strongly benefited from everyone's reflections throughout the program.
Initially I was a little bit worried, many of them are actually very senior leaders, even the top leadership in their organisations. But I was told to come here with a very open mind, to take this as an opportunity for me as someone who is in their stage of life now where having the benefit of a very protected environment, peers who have been in the same phase of life that I have been, to learn from them. The course has really opened up my mind to what are some of the opportunities there are, and the experiences that people have had. I think some of the common experiences that we share make me feel that I'm not alone in this leadership journey. Everyone, if given the opportunity, must come and attend SBLP.
I am a long term guest in Singapore and have been here over a decade now. I am very proud to be here but I've always needed that extra little thing to get to know Singapore. This programme has certainly helped - thanks to both the faculty and also my peer groups that I'm here with.
It's been a really unique experience to be able to take time out to really immerse in self-development, self-reflection, and I've been really appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to be at the SBLP. It's been absolutely fantastic!
I really thank everybody for their generosity in their sharing and i'm very confident that the generosity will extend beyond the programme through friendships and through additional sharing as we continue on this network of HCLI-SBLP.
SBLP has brought me an opportunity to network with other people. My favourite thing about SBLP has really been about the panel discussions. It's at least three different panelists sharing different views, ideas, experiences, and putting it together in the context of Asia. So many learnings from the panel discussions.
My experience at SBLP has been outstanding. I came here with the expectation of meeting a group of high level executives from diverse industries. My expectations however have been exceeded completely. I obtained insights from various speakers which I can share with my peers, senior leaders and others in the organisation.

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