compassionate leadership programme

Compassionate Leadership in Asia Programme


In a time that’s fraught with distrust, organisations are grappling with high turnover and low engagement rates. Mental illness is also placing a huge health and economic burden on the Asia Pacific region. As leaders, what can we do, to not only care more for our people, but help them thrive and succeed at their work?

Compassionate leadership is about learning to be sensitive to what people are going through and the challenges they face – then, to respond with empathy and take action to support and develop them. When leaders and managers account for at least 70% of engagement with employees, whether they lead with compassion makes a big difference to the employee experience. Join us and embark on your journey to become a stronger leader and inspire a culture of compassion around you.

Key Benefits
  • Create an environment where people feel safe to show vulnerability
  • Create your own personal playbook to embody compassionate leadership
  • Understand how cultural differences impact compassion at work in Asia
  • Recognise, understand and welcome emotions in self and others
  • Master a range of techniques to support people facing hardship
  • Be a change agent for more compassion at the workplace
Who Should Attend
  • This is a consortium programme, where 3 - 4participants from a given organisation take part.
  • Participants are part of senior management teams, at the C-1 to C-2 level.
Dates & Fees
19 - 21 May 2020 | 3x Learning Check-ins
3 Days + 3 half days
SGD 7,500
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